“A Distant Traveller”…poem by Len


Poem written by Lenny Tekaawa, Roatahuna, New Zealand, translated from Maori language, 19.03.2012. THANK YOU,LEN!!!

A distant traveller lands amongst us on this land.
Footstep that is sacred tramps the land.
A spiritual journey to bind and join.
It is right to achieve to settle.

The Sabbath is obsevered.
The Canoe starts its journey beyond
The Huiaran range
But trouble occur with the vehicle

We set out our foot to the summit of Tumarile
We gaze out on the majestic mountain of the Fish of Maui
We gaze out towards the sea to Putanaki and Tarewera
We gaze inland. To the sleeping giants Tauhara Tongariro Ruapehu
While we rest a while in the face of the moon

We return home – another vehicle
To Te Mapou Marae we go
Homage is paid to the Marae
Homage is paid to the ancestors
They are greeted and acknowledge spiritually

Ancient histories are reawaken
The inner man is fed and satisfied so
The outer man is settle and calm
Thanks is given to the Lord Almighty the Creator, the Beginning and Ending

So talk has meaning…
So the night is acknowledged, so sleep can come
It is dark, it is dawn, it is daylight
A new day begins

A tree is found and set on
Just like a child playing climbing
Birds alight and settle
They wonder and question “what is this”
To connect with Nature…with Rangi and Papa

A spiritual comment that is released
Of a spiritual council place above the mountain
That works for the subtribes, for the tribes and the land
MAUNGAPOHATU set in the heart of the fish of Maui
Pumping out everlasting love through out this land

Similar shared stories and rituals tought by his teachers
Even stories concerning the being called Death
To the sky above the earth below
Shared information back and forth

Shared principles of the lifeforce
So that the lifeforce of life and death,
The lifeforce of the spiritual and physical world
Acknowledge the warmth of this stay
…supervised by the spiritual realm

I greet and thank you Hoori (so heisst mein Namen George in Maori)
I acknowledge you and your ancestors
The blessing of the Almighty be upon you for the rest of your journey…

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